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Scholarship Tea

This tradition of tea in the afternoon dates back to the 1800s in England where their tea was served with three courses of finger food, sweets, scones, and savories or tea sandwiches.  It was time to relax and savor the tea, food, and the company of your guests. Your table was not only full of tea and finger foods but also decorated with fine china, large pots of tea, and a centerpiece consisting of three tiers of treats. If you'd like, you could even specify a theme based on the season, holiday, music, or whatever you could think of!    


Our chapter’s Tea In The Afternoon began in 2010 and was called “A Family Affair Tea Party” and later took on the name of “Scholarship Tea” with a theme. It is held in the spring of the year at venues around the city. Tables are decorated with brightly colored tablecloths, floral arrangements, place settings, and finger food. Members use their imagination to create a look that is unique to them and invite family friends to help raise funds for scholarships to be given out at the event to deserving high schools students in the community.


The Scholarship has allowed guest to wear their fanciest fascinator, model fashions with family members and even join in with choir as they recognized different genres of music!

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